Soldiers and sons
And those hefty guns.
One sinful mind,
Mankind against mankind.
The sun had almost
Reached the crown
And finally the metal
Had brought him down.
The war was over,
He had got his share.
Stains of his blood,
On the pieces of his gear
He knew he had been hit thrice,
Twice on his legs and once on his chest.
He also knew that it was time,
Time for him to take some rest.
As soon as he closed his eyes,
Memories of his homeland flowed
And he saw himself running down
Running down his country road.
He saw those red bricks
And rusty gate again.
Forgot all wounds
And forgot all pain.
She wiped her tears halfway down.
His mother in her same old gown.
As she took him into her arms,
Tears gushed out like flood.
As they felt the warmth,
Warmth of their own blood.
Then his heart skipped a beat.
He saw his love down the street.
Two young, fledgling souls,
Ran towards each other like opposite poles.
But as soon as he kissed her head.
A haze started growing overhead.
Then he could see nothing else.
Before he knew he was dead.
And here in the real world,
Blood sodden dust swirled.
And the sun red in shame,
Hurried towards west.
While some dark and bold clouds,
Gathered to protest.
That day even the sky cried.
And the winds also took his side.
Not because a human was dead,
But because humanity had died.
And there he slept lifelessly,
Just two decades after his birth.
A son in the dusty arms,
Dusty arms of his mother earth.
Soldiers and sons
And those hefty guns.
One sinful mind,
Mankind against mankind.

-Samarth Sharma


20 thoughts on “SOLDIERS AND SONS

  1. This is a beautiful poem. You write really well.
    I’m new to WordPress. I write poetry too. Since poetry definitely interests you, you could check out my blog for my poetry. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is beautiful. I really like it!!! Wars are the worst. We lost (will lose) a lot just for these wars. “One sinful mind, mankind against mankind.” Hopefully, we can change the course of this world real soon!!! Have a nice day!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very well written!
    The way you have reflected the agony of a soldier and the consequence of a war on a soldier’s life is heart touching!
    It is worth appreciating that you have been successful in touching the hearts of people through your poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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