I am in this desert of illusions,
Where everything deceives.
Gathered around by slaves,
Of irrational beliefs.
They don’t let me fly,
With these chains around me.
But their walls are not enough,
To limit my mind, so wild and free.
‘Son of the blue’ is what I am,
I was born with these wings.
But they say they don’t know,
Any such things.
Only falsehood floats,
In their ocean of lies.
While truth sleeps deep in bed,
Limply, with closed eyes.
In their forest of concrete,
The art to survive,
Is to kill someone else,
And yourself be alive.
But I will find my way out,
Out from their maze.
From their labyrinth of time,
With such puzzling ways.
In this mist of false notions,
I look for reason’s light.
Yes, I am that black drop,
In their sea of white.
My rusty lungs,
My dusty lungs,
But unlike rest of them,
My breath thirsty lungs.
Craving for some air,
Dying for some sky.
Want to breathe in some clouds,
As I pass by.
My artist mind,
This anarchist mind,
And as they call it,
‘The darkest mind’
Goes after things,
To which they are blind.
Separates me from my men,
Separates me from my kind.
I don’t need their religion.
I don’t need their gods.
Not even their fuzzy vision.
I am one of the odds.
I don’t need their culture.
I don’t need their traits.
I just want to open,
Their old rigid gates.
Been locked from ages.
Been locked from dates.
The gates behind which
The real wisdom waits.
With my heart soaked in wrath
And my iron veins.
I’ll break through their grip
And melt off these chains.
It runs along my blood,
It shines in my eyes.
It wanders in my brain,
My throat even cries.
‘Freedom’ is what it is called,
Still looking for where it lies.

-Samarth Sharma


14 thoughts on “FREEDOM

  1. There is a very deep level to the writing in this, more than just the typical “I mean what I say” ideal most poetry (even mine sometimes) is. This is the type of writing I read when I really want to read something with some depth to it. Very good.

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  2. Hey I have a question: I see that you have a few poems posted on your blog, but they seem to be from different authors? Does this blog contain multiple authors or something?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Internal freedom has ever been the want of the soul!
    And you have with great insight reflected this desire through your poem!!
    Well done Samarth!

    Liked by 1 person

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