I heard the church bells,
Blowing of the shells,
Words of the azaan.
Read testaments of bible,
Plenty of those dohas,
Verses of quraan.
When notes of your music,
Left me spell bound.
When these eyes were closed,
When my head touched the ground.
You were there by my side,
I could feel you around.
In every shrine I found,
You in every being,
Every corner, word, sound.
While joining hands in a temple,
While chanting the word ‘om’,
Its was you under the cross.
Its was you under the dome.
I saw you shining bright,
In a candle’s light.
In all three colours,
Saffron ,green and white.
When a life starts,
Or when some one dies.
I see no religion in their smiles.
I hear no religion in their cries.
My father if everywhere,
Your presence is the same.
Then why these people go against you.
That too by your name.
The days have started growing dimmer,
We need a Jesus once again.
Now tears can feed a river,
We need a Buddha once again.
Men with eyes cannot see,
We need a Nanak once again .
To show the world what’s unity,
We need a Mohammad once again.
Another Mahabharata is to be fought,
We need a Krishna once again.
Not ten but a million heads he has got,
We need a Rama once again.
Fall on the dry earth,
As drops of rain.
Tell me my candles,
Didn’t melt in vain.
We need a prophet once again.
We need a prophet once again.

– Samarth Sharma


17 thoughts on “ONCE AGAIN

  1. This is awesome…. Beautifully expressed. We don’t need a religion…. Religion divides. We need to be humans first… And practice humanity. In fact animals are way better than us in many ways…
    You have captured the pulse of what is actually the need of the hour…

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  2. I just checked my spam comments & found you – I had it in mind to check out your blog (had saved your ‘likes’). Absolutely love this profound piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG!
    This was so beautiful…
    Samarth, you are a wonderful writer!
    Your choice of words and the meaning behind your poem is really heart touching!
    I really appreciate your work…
    Keep writing such wonderful poems.
    Btw, I have a question. Is this your blog or is this something else featuring your content?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes; its very true that we can never rise until we rise above the barriers of religion and the complications arising out of divisions….and I think that people like you can bring about a change through your writings!!! So keep on writing and inspiring people!!


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